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Defining Traditional-Technology Flowmeters

Despite the growth of new-technology flowmeters, such as Coriolis and ultrasonic, over the past few years, traditional technology flowmeters are holding their own. Many users are still selecting differential pressure (DP), turbine, positive displacement, and other more traditional meter types for their flow measurement applications. Traditional technology flowmeters share the following characteristics:

1.     As a group, these meters were introduced before 1950.

2.     They are less the focus of new product development than new-technology meters.

3.     Their performance, including criteria such as accuracy, is not at the same level as the performance of new-technology flowmeters. 

4.     They generally have higher maintenance requirements than new-technology flowmeters.

5.     They are slow to incorporate recent advances in communication protocols, such as HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus.

Traditional technology flowmeters include differential pressure, positive displacement, turbine, open channel, and variable area. Despite the inherent advantages of many new-technology meters, end-user demand for traditional meter types remains strong for a number of interesting reasons.  

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